loccN / hiccN

Defines the range of the last MIDI controller N required for the region to play.

N will normally be a number from 1 to 127.


locc74=30 hicc74=100

The region will play only if last MIDI controller 74 received was in the 30 to 100 range.

Allowed range is 0 to 127. The defaults are loccN=0 and hiccN=127.

Practical applications include using MIDI CC to switch things on and off - for example, additional voices, release noises, vibrato etc. A common example would be having a hi-hat with various degrees of openness sampled, all of those mapped to the same MIDI note, and hicc/locc used to define the ranges for which each degree of openness should play. A simpler example would be switching between sine, saw and noise waveforms:

<region>hicc1=63 sample=*sine
<region>locc1=64 hicc=126 sample=*saw
<region>locc1=127 sample=*noise

This is a "hard" switch - if a region is within the locc to hicc range it plays, if it's outside that range it does not play. For smooth fades controlled by CC (such as crossfaded dynamic layers or crossfaded vibrato layers on sustained instruments), other opcodes such as xfin_loccN / xfin_hiccN and xfout_loccN / xfout_hiccN should be used, or perhaps the amplitude_onccN ARIA extension.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
hiccN SFZ v1 integer 127 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Region Logic, MIDI Conditions