xfin_loccN / xfin_hiccN

Fade in control based on MIDI CC.

xfin_loccN and xfin_hiccN set the range of values in the MIDI continuous controller N which will perform a fade-in in the region.

The volume of the region will be zero for values of the MIDI continuous controller N lower than or equal to xfin_loccN, and maximum (as defined by the volume opcode) for values greater than or equal to xfin_hiccN.



This is used alongside xfout_loccN / xfout_hiccN to create crossfaded dynamic layers for sustained instruments, for example to use the mod wheel to crossfade quiet tuba sustain samples to loud tuba sustain samples. It could also be used to crossfade wavetable samples, use one control to blend multiple microphone perspectives etc. When there are multiple regions under the same note wtih xfin_loccN, xfin_hiccN, xfout_loccN / xfout_hiccN used to determine which regions are currently heard (and at what volume), all regions will be triggered - but some of them may play at zero volume, and therefore be inaudible. In some cases where these controls are not used for dynamic expressive performance but rather for setting a static mix (for example of microphone perspectives), it can make sense to use them alongside loccN / hiccN to keep the regions which would be at zero volume from being triggered and consuming resources.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
xfin_loccN SFZ v1 integer 0 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier