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Modulations which are part of the SFZ1 specification generally uses both the _ccN and ccN suffixes, for example cutoff_ccN or ampeg_releaseccN. Modulations added in the SFZ2 specification generally use _onccN instead, for example delay_samples_onccN. This is a source of possible confusion. As a solution, ARIA and possibly other SFZ2 players allow either _ccN, _onccN or ccN (with no underscore) to be used for many modulations, and interpret all of those the same. However, these aliases are not part of either the SFZ1 and SFZ2 standard, and for maximum compatibility, it is best to use the standard syntax.

In this section they will be described in a generic way, to be applied to the various opcode targets.

See also the related tutorials for SFZ1 and SFZ2.