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This page is very much a work in progress. For now, here is the vibrato-relevant section of the opcodes from Karoryfer Samples Meatbass, which is a decent starting point for creating vibrato in bowed strings, vocals, and synthesizers. Some special considerations for saxophones, guitars and also using vibrato to create filter wobble will be added later, along with a more detailed explanation of each opcode’s specific purpose.

lfo01_pitch_oncc111=22 // Vibrato LFO
lfo01_freq=2           // Any slower than this sounds really lousy
lfo01_freq_oncc112=7   // About as fast as vibrato on double bass can go,
                       // faster is just silly
lfo01_volume=0 // This LFO also does tremolo
eq1_freq=2000 // Also can send this LFO to EQ, together with the tremolo it can
              // simulate varying bow pressure while playing with heavy vibrato
lfo01_eq1gain_oncc114=4 // Don't want this to sound too synthetic,
                        // so max amount is small

lfo02_wave=1             //Second LFO to humanize stuff
lfo02_phase_oncc135=1    //This LFO has random phase
lfo02_freq=0.01          //Basically no movement at very slow speeds, just randomization
lfo02_freq_oncc117=1     //Max rate is not very high, so it doesn't sound too obvious
lfo2_pitch_oncc118=6     //Slight pitch wobbliness
lfo2_freq_lfo1_oncc119=3 //Affect the rate of the other LFO for unsteady vibrato