tune / pitch

The fine tuning for the sample, in cents.

Range of tune in the SFZ1 spec is ±1 semitone, from -100 to 100, though at least in ARIA, it seems a broader range is supported, at least -2400 to 2400 cents.



Uses include correcting the intonation of naturally off-pitch samples, and detuning unison voices.

Modulating pitch with MIDI CC to create a tune control is possible in SFZ2. If the control needs to go both up and down, there are two ways to do this. One is to move the pitch down by the tuning range, then have modulation move it up by twice the tuning range, so that when the control is at the midpoint, the region will play at its orignal, unmodulated pitch. For a range of 100 cents this would look like this:


Another way is to use default ‹curve› 1 which ranges from -1 to 1, and set the pitch control to the tuning range.


Practical Considerations

In ARIA, tune_*ccN can also be used as an alias for pitch_*ccN (see below).

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
tune SFZ v1 integer 0 -100 to 100 cents
pitch_onccN SFZ v2 N/A N/A -9600 to 9600 cents
pitch_curveccN SFZ v2 integer 0 0 to 255 N/A
pitch_smoothccN SFZ v2 float 0 0 to ? ms
pitch_stepccN SFZ v2 N/A 0 0 to ? N/A

Category: Performance Parameters, Pitch