Root key for the sample.

For samples which only need to be played at their natural pitch and triggered by one specific MIDI note, it's generally easier to use key instead. Cases using both pitch_keycenter and key are described in more detail under key.

sample as value

Starting with SFZ v2, it's possible to set pitch_keycenter to sample (pitch_keycenter=sample). This causes the SFZ player to look in the sample file metadata for the keycenter value. If pitch_keycenter is set to sample and the file metadata does not contain pitch information, it defaults to MIDI note 0.

If samples contain good quality metadata, setting pitch_keycenter to sample can be simpler than setting the keycenter for each individual sample.

If pitch_keycenter is set to sample and key is also used, the behavior depends on the sampler. ARIA uses the value set using the key opcode, while rgc sfz and Cakewalk products use the value from the sample metadata. ARIA also supports setting pitch_keycenter to sample only at the <region> level, not at <group> or higher levels.




Name Version Type Default Range Unit
pitch_keycenter SFZ v1 integer 60 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Performance Parameters, Pitch