Equivalent to using lokey, hikey and pitch_keycenter and setting them all to the same note value.

Because of this, it is a very useful and convenient opcode for instruments which do not need to spread a sample across multiple notes. That means most chromatically sampled instruments or drum kits. key values can be specified in MIDI note numbers (0-127) or note names (IPN Standard). Numbers generally are better to use for getting the SFZ to behave the same in all DAWs.


These two conventions will yield the same key mapping:

// or

Both are also equivalent to:

lokey=72 hikey=72 pitch_keycenter=72

Key can also be combined with the others, which will override the value set by key although key should be specified first. In ARIA, the value set by pitch_keycenter will always be used, whether key or pitch_keycenter is set first in the SFZ file. However, in some other players, setting pitch_keycenter to a different value than key is only effective if key is set first and pitch_keycenter second. Therefore, for compatibility, it is best to set key first, and pitch_keycenter later.

key=72 lokey=70

Will be equivalent to

lokey=70 hikey=72 pitch_keycenter=72

However, this would just be the same as setting key=72, as key comes later and the lokey value it would set will override the previous lokey.

lokey=70 key=72
Name Version Type Default Range Unit
key SFZ v1 integer N/A 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Region Logic, Key Mapping