Allows playing samples with loops defined in the unlooped mode.

If loop_mode is not specified, each sample will play according to its predefined loop mode according to the loop metadata in the audio file. That is, the player will play the sample looped using the first defined loop, if available. If no loops are defined (which is usually the case with most files), the wave will play unlooped.

The possible values are:

  • no_loop: no looping will be performed. Sample will play straight from start to end, or until note off, whatever reaches first.

  • one_shot: sample will play from start to end, ignoring note off. This is commonly used for drums. This mode is engaged automatically if the count opcode is defined.

  • loop_continuous: once the player reaches sample loop point, the loop will play until note expiration. This includes looping during the release phase.

  • loop_sustain: the player will play the loop while the note is held, by keeping it depressed or by using the sustain pedal (CC64). During the release phase, there's no looping.

Whether no_loop, loop_continuous or loop_sustain is set, the duration of the release phase is set using ampeg_release. However, in loop_sustain or no_loop mode, the sound can be cut off before the release phase ends, if the end of sample is reached. In loop_continuous mode, the loop will repeat if the loop end is reached during the release phase, including repeating multiple times if the release time is longer than the loop length.

Practical Considerations

For samples with trigger=release set, no_loop and one_shot will both behave as one_shot and the entire release sample will play. If loop_continuous is set, looping will be applied - and unless loop_count is set or there is some other way the sound will be muted, that means the sound can potentially continue indefinitely.

If an instrument is using the default loop_mode=no_loop, there is no need to set loop_mode=one_shot for the release samples; however, if an instrument has loop_mode=loop_continuous set under a header which also includes release samples, the release regions will normally need to be set to loop_mode=one_shot to override that.

In ARIA, if loop_mode=loop_continuous or loop_sustain, loop_end is not specified, and the sample does not have a loop defined, the player will loop through the entire sample file.



Name Version Type Default Options Unit
loop_mode SFZ v1 string no_loop for samples without a loop defined,
loop_continuous for samples with defined loop(s).
no_loop, one_shot, loop_continuous, loop_sustain

Category: Sound Source, Sample Playback