The number of times the sample will be played.

If this opcode is specified, the sample will play as many times as defined. Envelope generators will not be retriggered on sample restart. When this opcode is defined, loop_mode is automatically set to one_shot.

count=1 will play the sample once, so it's effectively the same as setting loop_mode=one_shot.




Practical Considerations

count=0 behaves differently in different SFZ players. ARIA and sfz.dll treat this the same as if count was not set, and respect loop_mode settings. However, in Rapture and DropZone and possibly other Cakewalk products, count=0 will have the same effect as count=1 - essentially set loop_mode to one_shot and cause the sample to be played once.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
count SFZ v1 integer 0 0 to 4294967296 N/A

Category: Sound Source, Sample Playback