LFO waveform selection.

In ARIA it's possible for one LFO to use sub waveforms in addition to the main waveform. This can be used to create more complex LFOs. Up to 8 waveforms can be used in one LFO. The second waveform is set by lfoN_wave2, the third by lfoN_wave3 etc.

lfoN_ratio2 is important for giving each wave a different frequency, and lfoN_scale2 scale lfoN_offsetX can optionally be used as well.

In SFZ v2, the waves are:

  1. triangle
  2. sine
  3. 75% pulse
  4. square (50% pulse)
  5. 25% pulse
  6. 12:5% pulse
  7. saw going up
  8. saw going down

In ARIA, the waves are:

  1. deprecated, should not be used, but is random
  2. triangle
  3. sine
  4. 75% pulse
  5. square (50% pulse)
  6. 25% pulse
  7. 12:5% pulse
  8. saw going up
  9. saw going down
  10. used in Chipsounds
  11. used in Chipsounds
  12. future user LFO
  13. future user LFO
  14. random sample & hold, generating a random value between -1 and 1 twice per period
  15. stepped LFO

Triangle is the default waveform in ARIA, though the SFZ1 LFOs in ARIA use the sine as the default waveform. The default waveforms in Cakewalk products or other SFZ players have not been tested.

The waveforms supported in the other player engines need to be tested.


lfo01_wave=12 //S&H style LFO used here for randomization

lfo01_wave2=1 //Sine waveform for the secondary waveform
lfo01_ratio2=4 //4 times faster
lfo01_offset2=0 //No offset
lfo01_scale2=0.3 //Shallower than the main wave

Wave 13 is a provision for ARIA to support SFZ 2.0's stepped LFO, equivalent to:


lfo01_step01_oncc73=100 lfo01_step01_smoothcc73=100
lfo01_step02_oncc73=100 lfo01_step02_smoothcc73=100
lfo01_step03_oncc73=100 lfo01_step03_smoothcc73=100
lfo01_step04_oncc73=100 lfo01_step04_smoothcc73=100
Name Version Type Default Range Unit
lfoN_wave SFZ v2 integer 1 N/A
lfoN_wave_onccX ARIA N/A N/A N/A

See also: lfoN_delay, lfoN_fade, lfoN_freq, lfoN_offset, lfoN_ratio, lfoN_scale

Category: Modulation, LFO