Number of steps in LFO step sequencer.

The number of steps in the step sequencer. This can be used in some Cakewalk products, together with lfoN_stepX, to use an LFO as a step sequencer instead of a typical LFO.

If both lfoN_steps and lfoN_wave are set for the same region, the one which is set later in the SFZ file takes effect - an LFO can't have both a wave and steps, so if lfoN_wave is set and then lfoN_steps is set, the LFO will only act as a step sequencer.

lfoN_phase can't be used with step sequencers, but lfoN_delay, lfoN_fade and lfoN_count all can.


Name Version Type Default Range Unit
lfoN_steps SFZ v2 integer N/A N/A

Category: Modulation, LFO