The endpoint of the sample. If unspecified, the entire sample will play.

end is inclusive, so if set to 133000, the sample will play all samples up to and including 133000. The player will reproduce the whole sample if end is not specified. In other words, in most cases, this does not need to be set.

If end value is -1, the sample will not play. Marking a region end with -1 can be used to use a silent region to turn off other regions by using the group and off_by opcodes. In certain cases, possibly due to ill-formed WAV files, setting end to -1 can cause errors, but setting loop_mode to no_loop or one_shot seems to be a workaround.

A region which does not play is still triggered, however, which means it can mute other regions. When using sample=*silence it is very useful to set end=-1 (or a zero-duration volume envelope with zero sutain) so the silence region does not continue to play and does not use up a polyphony voice. Another way to accomplish the same thing is to use an ampeg envelope wiht zero ampeg_attack, ampeg_decay and ampeg_sustain.


Name Version Type Default Range Unit
end SFZ v1 integer unspecified 0 to 4294967296 sample units

Category: Sound Source, Sample Playback