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Only operational for stereo samples, width defines the amount of channel mixing applied to play the sample.

A width value of 0 makes a stereo sample play as if it were mono (adding both channels and compensating for the resulting volume change). A value of 100 will make the stereo sample play as original.

Any value in between will mix left and right channels with a part of the other, resulting in a narrower stereo field image.

Negative width values will reverse left and right channels.

Examples #

width=100 // stereo
width=0   // play this stereo sample as mono
width=50  // mix 50% of one channel with the other
Name Version Type Default RangeUnit
width SFZ v1 float 100 -100 to 100 %
width_onccN Cakewalk SFZ v2 N/A N/A
width_curveccN Cakewalk integer N/A 0 to 255
width_smoothccN Cakewalk N/A N/A
width_stepccN Cakewalk N/A N/A

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: ✓
  • LFO: ✓
  • MIDI CC:
    • width_onccN (Cakewalk SFZ v2)
    • width_curveccN (Cakewalk)
    • width_smoothccN (Cakewalk)
    • width_stepccN (Cakewalk)

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier