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Sets the trigger which will be used for the sample to play.

Values can be:

  • attack : (Default): Region will play on note-on.
  • release: Region will play on note-off or sustain pedal off. The velocity used to play the note-off sample is the velocity value of the corresponding (previous) note-on message.
  • first: Region will play on note-on, but if there’s no other note going on (staccato, or first note in a legato phrase).
  • legato: Region will play on note-on, but only if there’s a note going on (notes after first note in a legato phrase).
  • release_key: ARIA addition. Region will play on note-off. Ignores sustain pedal.

Setting trigger to release requires a corresponding region with trigger set to attack to be active at the moment when the note-off message is received, or the release region will never play.

An attack region is considered corresponding if it has the same MIDI note number, and the same velocity range, as the release region. The velocity which matters here is the note-on velocity of the initial region - not the velocity of the note-off message which triggers the release region. Round robins do not need to match, so it is possible to for example have five round robins for releases and only four round robins for attacks.

This corresponding attack region is then used to calculate the volume of the release region based on the attack region’s velocity and rt_decay. If there is no corresponding attack region, or the corresponding attack region has finished playing due to reaching sample end etc, then the release region will not play. This is designed primarily designed for piano release samples.

Setting trigger to release_key will trigger a sound on note release regardless of whether there is any corresponding attack region or not. This is useful for release samples which are noises not dependent on the volume of any corresponding note, such as hurdy-gurdy key returns, which will sound the same whether the wheel is turning or not.

Example #

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
trigger SFZ v1 string attack attack, release, first, legato
ARIA release_key

Category: Region Logic, Triggers