Allows overriding the velocity for the region with the velocity of the previous note.

Values can be:

  • current: Region uses the velocity of current note.
  • previous: Region uses the velocity of the previous note.



With sw_vel set to previous, a newly played region will be the triggered using the previous region's velocity. For example, if the previous velocity is 100 and the velocity of the new note-on message is 60, the new region will play as if its velocity was 100.

Setting this to previous is useful for making certain legato instruments sound smoother and more consistent.

Practical Considerations

At least in ARIA, this affects only volume, and using velocity to modulate pitch or filter cutoff will use the current note's velocity regardless of how sw_vel is set. Also in ARIA, sw_vel can work even if sw_previous is not defined.

To have sw_vel working in sfz.dll and DropZone and other Cakewalk players, sw_previous need to be defined. Fil_veltrack, pitch_veltrack and other velocity modulation e.g. ampeg_vel2attack, etc, also affected by sw_vel.

Name Version Type Default Options Unit
sw_vel SFZ v1 string current current, previous

Category: Region Logic, MIDI Conditions