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sw_default / sw_label

Define keyswitch 'power on default' so that you hear something when a patch loads.

Sw_default sets a default value for sw_last. In a guitar instrument which uses keyswitches to select articulations, this can be used to for example make the picked articulation active by default when the instrument is first loaded. Without sw_default, this instrument would be silent until a keyswitch is manually used to select an articulation.

Sw_label causes ARIA/Sforzando to display the most recent selected keyswitch label appear on its interface. This apparently needs to be set for all regions for which that sw_last value is set, which can mean setting the label in multiple places in an sfz file.

Example #

// **********************************************************************
// A Keyswitching Example
// Notes 36,38 and 40 serve as switches to trigger sine, triangle or saw oscillators.
// you can expand on this concept to create your own KeySwitching instruments.
// **********************************************************************
 sw_lokey=36 sw_hikey=40 sw_default=36

<region> sw_last=36 sw_label=Sine lokey=41 sample=*sine

<region> sw_last=38 sw_label=Triangle lokey=41 sample=*triangle

<region> sw_last=40 sw_label=Saw lokey=41 sample=*saw
Name Version Type Default Range Unit
sw_default SFZ v2 integer N/A 0 to 127

Category: Region Logic, MIDI Conditions