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Sequence length, used together with seq_position to use samples as round robins. The player will keep an internal counter creating a consecutive note-on sequence for each region, starting at 1 and resetting at seq_length. Maximum allowed value is 100.


A typical usage for a kick drum with four round robins, and a snare with three round robins, would look like this:

<group>key=36 seq_length=4
<region>seq_position=1 sample=kick_rr1.wav
<region>seq_position=2 sample=kick_rr2.wav
<region>seq_position=3 sample=kick_rr3.wav
<region>seq_position=4 sample=kick_rr4.wav

<group>key=38 seq_length=3
<region>seq_position=1 sample=snare_rr1.wav
<region>seq_position=2 sample=snare_rr2.wav
<region>seq_position=3 sample=snare_rr3.wav

An alternative to this is using lorand / hirand for random, instead of sequential, round robins. If there are enough samples available, both methods can also be combined - the combination is described on the lorand / hirand page.

Type Default Range
integer 1 1 to 100