Applies only to regions that triggered through trigger=release. The volume decrease (in decibels) per seconds after the corresponding attack region was triggered, for decrease curve segment number N.

This works similarly to rt_decay, but with a multisegment volume decrease curve. The duration of each segment and a different decrease rate for each segment can be set.


<region> sample=pianoA4.wav trigger=attack

<region> sample=keyup_noise.wav trigger=release

//The sample keyup_noise.wav will play 3db quieter for every second the key has been on.

Practical Considerations

In ARIA, extended MIDI CC 151 can be used alongside (or instead of) rt_decay to select different release samples for different time ranges. However, CCs have one value across the entire instrument. CC 151 is time since the last note-on message in seconds. This can give undesired results in arpeggios.

The rt_decayN opcode does have the advantage of not being affected by subsequently played notes, but unlike CC 151, it cannot be used to select completely different release samples for different time ranges.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
rt_decayN ARIA float 0 0 to 200 dB

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier