Random tuning for the region, in cents.


Computed when the note is triggered, remains the same for that region for as long as the region plays.



Useful for humanizing the pitch of instruments with naturally imprecise intonation, especially when playing multiple regions in unison.

Practical Considerations

In ARIA this is unipolar, and equivalent to pitch_oncc135. So, if pitch_random is set to 20, the region will play at pitches tuned by an amount in the range from 0 cents to +20 cents. In order to get pitch to fluctuate between -20 and +20 cents, there would be two ways to get there, either by applying a fixed shift of -20 cents and a random shift of up to 40 cents:


Or use CC136, which is bipolar random from -1 to 1:


In rcg sfz and Cakewalk, this is bipolar.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
pitch_random SFZ v1 integer 0 0 to 9600 cents

Category: Performance Parameters, Pitch