on_loccN / on_hiccN

If a MIDI control message with a value between on_loccN and on_hiccN is received, the region will play. Default value is -1, it means unassigned.

Sample trigger on MIDI continuous control N. This does not involve playing any MIDI notes.


on_locc64=127 on_hicc64=127

Region will play when a MIDI CC64 (sustain pedal) message with 127 value is received. So, basically, when the sustain pedal is pressed down, this region will play. This is useful with piano pedals - in the above example, on_loccN and on_hiccN could be used to trigger a mechanical noise sample, whether any keys are being played or not. It would not typically be used with hi-hat pedals, as most electronic drum kits will send a MIDI note when the pedal hits bottom.

Practical Considerations

on_locc/on_hicc effectively replaces the default trigger=attack. The behavior of a region which has on_locc/on_hicc and trigger=attack both explicitly specified is not defined by the SFZ specification, and that combination should be used.

In ARIA if on_locc/on_hicc and trigger=release or trigger=release_key is used, the on_locc/on_hicc opcode will be effectively disregarded, and the region will behave like a normal release or release_key region.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
on_loccN SFZ v1 integer -1 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Region Logic, Triggers