The offset used to play the sample.

The player will reproduce samples starting with the very first sample in the file, unless offset is specified. It will start playing the file at the offset sample in this case. Note that this if this causes the region to play from a point where the value in the file is not zero, this may result in a click in the audio. When modulating offset with a MIDI CC, it's generally not possible to ensure the offset will always land on a near-zero point, so a small ampeg_attack value can be used to create a quick fade-in and avoid clicks.

Also, when using a player with disk streaming, such as Sforzando/ARIA, which does not load entire samples to memory but instead preloads on only the start (usually about half a second, following the original Gigasampler method), it is generally not a good idea to use MIDI CC modulate offset by high values so high that they would cause the offset to exceeed this buffer. In practice, that means keeping offset_random no higher than 20000 or so on most systems.




Uses include: - having the player skip pre-attack pick noise in guitar samples - phase-aligning samples from various microphones - skipping the start of a saxophone sample in legato instruments

offset_ccN is useful to specify an alternate sample start point based on MIDI controllers.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
offset SFZ v1 integer 0 0 to 4294967296 sample units
offset_ccN integer 0 0 to 4294967296 sample units

Category: Sound Source, Sample Playback