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Region off group.

When a new region with a group number equal to off_by plays, this region will be turned off.

Examples #



This is used in conjunction with group to make things monophonic, but can also be used in other contexts where one sound should cause another to stop - for example, cymbal chokes.

Practical considerations #

With the default for both group and off_by being 0, any instruments that leave these default values in place should in theory be monophonic. As a workaround, rgc sfz, Cakewalk players, BassMIDI and LinuxSampler implement special behavior where if group=0 and off_by=0, regions are not muted, and muting only happens for non-zero values of off_by. ARIA/Sforzando has a different workaround, with the default value of off_by being 4294967295.

The actual minimum and maximum values are not currently known. Some players will treat numbers outside a certain range as equivalent to off_by=0, and ARIA/Sforzando will also do this with text strings. The behavior of non-integer numbers is also currently unknown. This makes it possible to use an extremely large number for one group/off_by combination, but it’s obviously not recommended.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
off_by SFZ v1 integer 0 -2147483648 to 2147483647

Category: Instrument Settings, Voice Lifecycle