Region off mode.

Region off mode. This opcode will determinate how a region is turned off by an off_by opcode. There are two choices:

  • fast (default): The voice will be turned off immediately. Release settings will not have any effect.
  • normal: The region will be set into release stage. All envelope generators will enter in release stage, and region will expire when the amplifier envelope generator expired.

ARIA also adds off_mode=time which can be used to specify a time independent of the sample release time using off_time, and also off_shape and off_curve to control the curve of the fadeout. In ARIA, time is actually the default value with a default off_time of 6 ms. 6 ms is also the fadeout time for off_mode=fast so these are equivalent in end result, but time is the true default value "under the hood".




Note that the default is fast, and not normal, which means that "normal isn't normal", and if normal is needed, it will need to be set explicitly. Normal is useful for legato instruments where a fading in the previous samples while the new one fades in is desirable, and can also be useful for making hi-hat muting behavior sound a little more natural. With longer release times, off_mode=normal is also a way to manage buildup in instruments which have a very long sustain and can have the sound of several notes build up - for example, hammered dulcimers or ride cymbals.

Name Version Type Default Options Unit
off_mode SFZ v1 string fast fast, normal
ARIA time

Category: Instrument Settings, Voice Lifecycle