lopolyaft / hipolyaft

Defines the range of last Polyphonic Aftertouch message required for the region to play.


The region will play only if last Polyphonic Aftertouch message received was in the 30-100 range.

lopolyaft=30 hipolyaft=100

Practical Considerations

In the rgcaudio sfz player, the incoming note information in the Polyphonic Aftertouch message is not relevant (which basically means polyphonic aftertouch isn't polyphonic, and works like channel aftertouch). In ARIA, the incoming note information is used, and polyphonic aftertouch works polyphonically. Other SFZ players need testing.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
lopolyaft SFZ v1 integer 0 0 to 127 N/A

Category: Region Logic, Internal Conditions