Sets the ratio between the specified sub waveform and the main waveform.

It's possible for one LFO to use sub waveforms in addition to the main waveform. This can be used to create more complex LFOs. Up to 8 waveforms can be used in one LFO. The second waveform is set by lfoN_ratio2, the third by lfoN_ratio3 etc. Using lfoN_ratio with no number after the ratio sets the ratio for the main waveform, which is perhaps not needed very often. Ratio will likely mostly be used on the sub waveforms, but it can also be set for the main waveform if needed.


lfo01_wave=12 //S&H style LFO used here for randomization

lfo01_wave2=1 //Sine waveform for the secondary waveform
lfo01_ratio2=4 //4 times faster
lfo01_offset2=0 //No offset
lfo01_scale2=0.3 //Shallower than the main wave
Name Version Type Default Range Unit
lfoN_ratio ARIA float N/A N/A

See also: lfoN_delay, lfoN_fade, lfoN_freq, lfoN_offset, lfoN_scale, lfoN_wave

Category: Modulation, LFO