Sets the background image of the instrument.

Practical Considerations

Supported in Cakewalk DropZone, sfizz and possibly other players, but not ARIA / Sforzando.

  • DropZone supports bitmap images with transparent alpha channels, showing one image per instrument and can be placed under any header. The visible image is approximately 530x150 pixels. If a larger image is loaded, only the top left part will be visible. If set multiple times, the last image set in the SFZ file is actually used.
  • Dimension Pro parses but ignores the opcode.
  • sfizz supports it under the <control> header only, together with a custom image_controls opcode to support an additional image in its controls tab. The image size is 775x335 pixels with 1:1 aspect ratio, not limited to BMP images.
Name Version Type Default Range Unit
image SFZ v2 string N/A N/A

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