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The volume for the region, in decibels.

Range is -144.6 to 6 in the specification, but some SFZ players can utilize values above 6.

Examples #



This will play the sample at unchanged volume when CC1 is at 0, and apply a 12 dB boost when CC1 is at maximum.

gain_ccN is useful for creating volume controls, an alias for the ARIA extension volume_onccN.

Also see the ARIA extension amplitude_onccN for another way to do a simple volume control.

Name Version Type Default RangeUnit
volume SFZ v1 float 0 -144 to 6 dB
gain_ccN SFZ v1 float 0 -144 to 48 dB
volume_curveccN ARIA integer N/A 0 to 255
volume_smoothccN ARIA N/A N/A
volume_stepccN ARIA N/A N/A

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: ✓
  • LFO: ✓
  • MIDI CC:
    • gain_ccN (SFZ v1), alias gain_onccN (SFZ v2), alias volume_onccN (ARIA)
    • volume_curveccN (ARIA)
    • volume_smoothccN (ARIA)
    • volume_stepccN (ARIA)

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier