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Envelope depth.

For pitcheg and fileg, this is in cents, and can range from -12000 to 12000. -12000 cents is 10 octaves.

For ampeg, this should not normally be used.

Examples #

Name Version Type Default RangeUnit
fileg_depth SFZ v1 integer 0 -12000 to 12000cents
fileg_depth_onccN ARIA float 0 -1 to 1
fileg_vel2depth SFZ v1 integer 0 -12000 to 12000cents

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: X
  • LFO: X
  • MIDI CC:
    • fileg_depth_onccN (ARIA), alias fileg_depthccN
  • Velocity:
    • fileg_vel2depth (SFZ v1)

Category: Modulation, Envelope Generators