fil_type / fil2_type

Filter type.

Allows you to choose which type of filter you use if not specified (ie.: only cutoff and resonance in the SFZ).

fil_type was created in SFZ v1, so under that specification level only the v1 filters listed below are supported.

fil2_type was added later in SFZ v2 as a second filter to be used in series, so under the v2 specification level both opcodes include both v1 and v2 filters.

ARIA adds three more possible values for both opcodes.



Passive tone controls in guitars are one-pole low pass filters. Typical subtractive synthesizer filters are two-pole filters.


The combination of fil and fil2 can be used to have, for example, both a high-pass and a low-pass filter, like this. In the below example, the first filter does not have a type set explicitly, so fil_type defaults to lpf_2p, making it a lowpass filter. The second filter is set to be a highpass filter.


Practical Considerations

lsh, hsh and peq are ARIA extensions, allowing filters to be used as low-shelf, high-shelf or up to two additional parametric EQ bands, in addition to the default three eqN bands. Filters of these three types use fil_gain or fil2_gain to set the gain of the shelf or band.

Name Version Type Default Options Unit
fil_type SFZ v1 string lpf_2p lpf_1p, hpf_1p, lpf_2p, hpf_2p, bpf_2p, brf_2p
SFZ v2 bpf_1p, brf_1p, apf_1p, lpf_2p_sv, hpf_2p_sv, bpf_2p_sv, brf_2p_sv, pkf_2p, lpf_4p, hpf_4p, lpf_6p, hpf_6p, comb, pink
ARIA lsh, hsh, peq

Category: Performance Parameters, Filter