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Allows you to choose which type of filter you use. if not specified (ie.: only cutoff and resonance in the SFZ) defaults to lpf_2p.

Filter types in the SFZ1 spec are:

  • lpf_1p: one-pole low pass filter (6dB/octave).
  • hpf_1p: one-pole high pass filter (6dB/octave).
  • lpf_2p: two-pole low pass filter (12dB/octave).
  • hpf_2p: two-pole high pass filter (12dB/octave).
  • bpf_2p: two-pole band pass filter (12dB/octave).
  • brf_2p: two-pole band rejection filter (12dB/octave).

Passive tone controls in guitars are one-pole low pass filters. Typical subtractive synthesizer filters are two-pole filters.

Type Default Range
text lpf_2p lpf_1p, hpf_1p, lpf_2p, hpf_2p, bpf_2p, brf_2p