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fil_gain / fil2_gain

Gain for lsh, hsh and peq filter types.

fil_gain and fil2_gain are used by the additional ARIA extension filter types lsh (low shelf), hsh (high shelf) and peq (parametric EQ). This allows the two filters to instead be used as additional EQ bands, on top of SFZ’s regular three bands. It also allows shelving EQ.

In ARIA, low-shelf or high-shelf EQ “borrows” one of the filters, while in some Cakewalk plugins it’s also possible to have shelf EQ but it “borrows” from the three EQ bands rather than the two filters, and uses the eqN_type opcode.

Examples #

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
fil_gain ARIA float 0 N/A dB
fil_gain_onccN N/A N/A

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: X
  • LFO: X
  • MIDI CC:
    • fil_gain_onccN

Category: Performance Parameters, Filter