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Gain of the equalizer band, in decibels.

Examples #


Notes #

When emulating timbral changes when there are not enough dynamic level samples available, and modulating EQ bands with MIDI CC, this will often be a negative value for the lowest band, and a positive value for the two higher bands.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
eqN_gain SFZ v1 float 0 -96 to 24 dB
eqN_gainccX SFZ v1 float 0 -96 to 24 dB
eqN_vel2gain SFZ v1 float 0 -96 to 24 dB

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: ✓
  • LFO: ✓
  • MIDI CC:
    • eqN_gainccX (SFZ v1), alias eqN_gain_onccX (SFZ v2)
  • Velocity:
    • eqN_vel2gain (SFZ v1)

Category: Performance Parameters, EQ