Sets the number of points in envelope number N. The level of the envelope at those points can then be set with egN_levelX. When a region begins playing, the envelope starts at point number 0, and therefore an envelope with 4 points will have points numbered 0 through 3, not 1 through 4.


eg01_points=3   eg01_sustain=2
eg01_level0=0   eg01_time0=0
eg01_level1=1   eg01_time1=1
eg01_level2=1   eg01_time2=1

eg01_points=7    eg01_sustain=5
eg01_level0=0    eg01_time0=0
eg01_level1=1    eg01_time1=0.5
eg01_level2=0.7  eg01_time2=0.5
eg01_level3=1    eg01_time3=0.5
eg01_level4=0.7  eg01_time4=0.5
eg01_level5=0.1  eg01_time5=0.5
eg01_level6=0    eg01_time6=1

Practical Considerations

At least in ARIA, it's not necessary to define egN_points as the parser will calculate how many points the envelope has from the number of points defined using egN_level and egN_time for the specific number N. If egN_points is set to a lower value than the number of points defined for the envelope, the entire envelope will be used, and it will not be truncated at the number set usign egN_points - so in effect, in ARIA this opcode appears to do nothing.

It may be necessary to specify this in Cakewalk players, however.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
egN_points SFZ v2 N/A N/A N/A

Category: Modulation, Envelope Generators