Generate a standard ADSR shape FlexEG envelope


eg1_time1=1 eg1_level1=1
eg1_time2=1 eg1_level2=.5 eg1_sustain=2
eg1_time3=1 eg1_level3=0

eg1_ampeg=1 //ARIA boolean value, 1=true, 0=false

Practical Considerations

egN_ampeg allows the regions envelope to be controlled by the FlexEG: egN completely. This is only needed for the amplitude envelope, and is a special case. There is no egN_pitcheg or egN_fileg, using egN_pitch & egN_cutoffX is enough.

The FlexEG can also work with the standard ampeg envelope, to achieve this add:


The total envelope will be calculated as: egN * ampeg

It is also possible to use CC modulation:


In order to allow MIDI Note-On velocity to modulate the envelope level, use cc 131:


Name Version Type Default Range Unit
egN_ampeg ARIA N/A N/A N/A

Category: Modulation, Envelope Generators