Delays the start of the region until a certain amount of musical beats are passed.

Used in Cakewalk Dimension Pro and DropZone, alongside stop_beats, to play slices of loops at specific points in the bar.


delay_beats=2.25 stop_beats=3
delay_beats=25.9922 stop_beats=26.0964  

Practical Considerations

In ARIA this opcode can be used, but every region uses up a polyphony voice, and therefore raising polyphony to MAX is recommended for sequences beyond a very short length.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
delay_beats SFZ v2 float N/A beats
delay_beats_onccN ARIA N/A N/A N/A
delay_beats_curveccN ARIA integer 0 0 to 255 N/A

Category: Sound Source, Sample Playback