Default file path.

Default path under which the samples should be found. Can also be used as a general prefix for samples, not just a path prefix. At least in ARIA this is combined with the path given in the sample opcode, so either default_path should have a trailing slash, or sample should have a leading slash so when concatenated they will become a valid file path.

Cakewalk products only allow relative path. ARIA, Bassmidi and sfizz allow either absolute or relative paths.

Used under the ‹control› header. In Cakewalk products, a new control header does not reset the path. In ARIA default_path gets reset by a new control header. Whether settings other than default_path should also be reset by a new control header is not entirely clear. As implemented in ARIA, a new control header resets default_path only and not other control settings, and this does not seem unreasonable.


Name Version Type Default Range Unit
default_path SFZ v2 string N/A N/A

Category: Instrument Settings