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Bit reduction.

Used under the ‹effect› header, with type=lofi.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
bitred Cakewalk N/A 0 to 100
bitred_onccN Cakewalk N/A N/A
bitred_curveccN Cakewalk N/A N/A
bitred_smoothccN Cakewalk N/A N/A
bitred_stepccN Cakewalk N/A N/A

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: ✓
  • LFO: ✓
  • MIDI CC:
    • bitred_onccN (Cakewalk)
    • bitred_curveccN (Cakewalk)
    • bitred_smoothccN (Cakewalk)
    • bitred_stepccN (Cakewalk)

Category: Effects