Amplitude for the specified region in percentage of full amplitude.

100% amplitude meaning no volume change is applied to the sample when played. Can be modulated with MIDI CC.

Note: Range in the table below is 0 to 100, but some players such as Aria/Sforazando do not clamp the range. Negative values invert the signal.

Examples #


When modulated by MIDI CC, this is a very convenient way to set up a volume control which goes from silence to full volume.

See also the ‹curve› header example.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
amplitude ARIA float 100 0 to 100 %
amplitude_onccN float N/A -100 to 100 %
amplitude_curveccN integer 0 0 to 255
amplitude_smoothccN N/A N/A

Other modulations

  • Envelope: ✓
  • LFO: ✓

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier