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EG attack time.

Examples #


These are very frequently used, especially with amplifier envelopes. ampeg_attack is the standard “A” in the basic ADSR volume envelope. fileg_attack is key to 303-style basses.

In ARIA, the SFZ1 envelopes have linear attack (for pitcheg and fileg, probably linear in cents, which won’t translate into linear in Hertz). Decay and release stages have a curve which is faster than linear. Additional information based on testing by paulfd:

…it matches “well enough” with a multiplicatively to be a close match with a multiplicatively decreasing curve from 1.0 towards 0.0005 (which is around -33 dB). The step is where num is the number of samples of the ramp. The full formula for the curve would be .

The decay stage is also multiplicative but the ramp does not seem to follow the same law with target=sustain, but rather something strange like where the actual envelope would be .

Here is a screenshot of a file output using Sforzando, showing the ampeg_envelope shape and its stages.

DAHDSR envelope shape image

Name Version Type Default RangeUnit
ampeg_attack SFZ v1 float 0 0 to 100seconds
ampeg_attackccN SFZ v1 float 0 -100 to 100seconds
ampeg_vel2attack SFZ v1 float 0 -100 to 100seconds

Modulation Sources

  • Envelope: X
  • LFO: X
  • MIDI CC:
    • ampeg_attackccN (SFZ v1), alias ampeg_attack_onccN (SFZ v2)
  • Velocity:
    • ampeg_vel2attack (SFZ v1)

Category: Modulation, Envelope Generators