Amplifier velocity tracking, represents how much the amplitude changes with incoming note velocity.

With amp_veltrack at the default value of 100, volume is modified by the amount calculated by the following expression, based on incoming velocity.

\[ Gain(v) = 20 * log_{10}[(\frac{v}{127})^2] dB \]

The amp_velcurve_N opcodes allow overriding the default velocity curve, and are useful for making more complex curves than amp_veltrack allows.




Allowed values are from -100 (which would make velocity 127 notes silent, and low-velocity notes loud) to 100, but for most practical purposes this paramter is generally set to either 0 or 100.

Name Version Type Default Range Unit
amp_veltrack SFZ v1 float 100 -100 to 100 %
amp_veltrack_onccN ARIA N/A N/A N/A
amp_veltrack_curveccN ARIA integer 0 0 to 255 N/A

Category: Performance Parameters, Amplifier