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User-defined amplifier velocity curve. This opcode range allows defining a specific curve for the amplifier velocity. The value of the opcode indicates the normalized amplitude (0 to 1) for the specified velocity. N can be from 0 to 127.

The player will interpolate lineraly between specified opcodes for unspecified ones:

amp_velcurve_1=0.2 amp_velcurve_3=0.3
// amp_velcurve_2 is calculated to 0.25

If amp_velcurve_127 is not specified, the player will assign it the value of 1.

// linear, compressed dynamic range
// amplitude changes from 0.5 to 1

This is also often used with dynamic layers to make each sample play at its full amplitude at the top of its velocity layer, as shown below for a kick drum with four dynamic layers:

<region>hivel=31 amp_velcurve_31=1 sample=kick_vl1.wav
<region>lovel=32 hivel=63 amp_velcurve_63=1 sample=kick_vl2.wav
<region>lovel=64 hivel=95 amp_velcurve_95=1 sample=kick_vl3.wav
<region>lovel=96 sample=kick_vl4.wav
Type Default Range
float Standard curve (see amp_veltrack) 0 to 1