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Legato tutorial

Posted on by DSmolken

The legato tutorial has been expanded from one simple example to include simulated legato, simulated portamento, and true sampled legato.

New players and tutorial

Posted on by RedTide

New applications were added to the players list recently:

and a new tutorial from Sonoj 2019 Convention on how to recording samples using Ardour and LinuxSampler by Christoph Kuhr to our Video tutorials section.

Thanks to Stefan Westerfeld for our first GitHub pull request! And to Sonoj organization for the video tutorial contribuition.

Last but not least, for those like me who prefer IRC we have now also an IRC channel on freenode server.

/join us!

SFZ page on Italian Wikipedia

Posted on by RedTide

A new page about the SFZ format has been added to the Italian Wikipedia. Let’s grow!

Modulations Explained

Posted on by DSmolken

We have two new articles explaining the modulations possible in SFZ1 and SFZ2. Hopefully it will now be much easier to understand what’s possible under each spec level, and just what those complex SFZ2 LFOs and envelopes can and can’t do.

New Tutorial

Posted on by DSmolken

We’ve published a new tutorial explaining how to use samples to model brushed drum techniques which produce a continuous sound rather than a discrete hit. Admittedly, this is a rather niche technique not only in the samples world but also in real-world music, mainly used in jazz and some indie music. Next we plan to expand the vibrato tutorial, which is currently only a simple code example.

Minor updates:

  • global_label, master_label, group_label and region_label opcodes added.
  • Added Carla and Bliss Sampler to SFZ players, updated TAL Sampler info.

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