Instruments Settings

Instruments Settings are opcodes used under the ‹control› header.

Other Instruments settings opcodes are of the Voice Lifecycle type.


Modulation opcodes comprise of all the LFO and EG controls

Performance Parameters

Performance Parameters are all sound modifiers including:

  • Pitch: influence the pitch of the region played
  • Amplifier: influence the amplitude (volume), pan (width, position) and crossfades.
  • Filter: influence the timbre of the layer played. Two filters can be used at the same time. Further frequency shaping can be added via EQ opcodes.
  • EQ: simple frequency sound shaping tools independent from the filters. As many as three EQs can be set for each SFZ file. Each names eq1, eq2 and eq3.

Most Performance parameters are targets for the Modulation opcodes.

Region Logic

Region Logic opcodes define the conditions under which a voice plays or stops:

  • Key Mapping
  • MIDI Conditions
  • Internal Conditions
  • Triggers

Sound Source

Sound Source defines the nature of the voice generated. It could be samples or oscillators:

  • Sample Playback: defines the parameters of the sound generation.