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SFZ Creation Tools

Although SFZ files can be created with any text editor, and some users have also created SFZ with spreadsheets, there are some dedicated tools which can make mapping large amounts of samples easier. As SFZ instruments can quickly grow to thousands of samples, efficiency in creating the mappings becomes important. One way of creating SFZ files is to use one of these tools to create the initial maps with keys, dynamic layers, round robins etc. defined, then add controls etc. using a text editor.

Some available tools are:

Name Linux MacOS X Windows
sfZed X X
Folder-to-SFZ converter
SFZ Designer X X
SFZ opcode highlighting for Notepad++ X X
Another XML for Notepad++ X X
SFZ opcode highlighting for Geany
SFZ opcode highlighting for VSCode
SFZ Tools for UltraEdit
Bjoerns Sample Mapper X X
EXS24 to SFZ converter (Python 3)

Other tools with minimal/unknown SFZ support:

Name Linux MacOS X Windows
TX16Wx Software Sampler X
TAL-Sampler X

Some Windows only software can be used under other Unix based operating systems using Wine / CrossOver or in a virtual machine software like VirtualBox.