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SFZ Players

There are several SFZ players, which are used to play samples as defined in SFZ files. Some of them are:

Free downloads
Name Linux MacOS X Windows
Sforzando X
Zampler X
Commercial software
Name Linux MacOS X Windows
Renoise (Redux)
UVI Falcon X
Wusik Station V9, Wusik 9009, Wusik One, Wusik EVE V5 X
Available for OEM use
No longer available
  • Cakewalk sfz
  • Alchemy (Camel Audio was acquired by Apple, and the current incarnation of Alchemy no longer supports SFZ.)

Sforzando currently offers the most complete SFZ standard support, including ARIA extensions, but SFZ files which only use the SFZ 1 or SFZ 2 standard will work with multiple SFZ players.