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SFZ Players

There are several SFZ players, which are used to play samples as defined in SFZ files.

Sforzando currently offers the most complete SFZ standard support, including ARIA extensions, but SFZ files which only use the SFZ v1 or SFZ v2 standard will work with multiple SFZ players.

We use “Free and Open Source” (FOSS) as defined by the OSI as “software to be freely used, modified, and shared.”

Supported Opcodes #

Below are the known links to the various lists of supported opcodes:
BassMIDI, Bitwig, Equator 2, HISE, LinuxSampler, liquidsfz, OpenMPT, sfizz and zerberus (MuseScore <= v3.6.2).

Players #

Name LicenseLinuxmacOSWindowsDescription
Carla (SFZero) GPL-2.0-or-laterFully-featured audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats.
liquidsfz LGPL-2.1XXSFZ sampler library with LV2 and JACK support.
sfizz BSD-2-ClauseSFZ library, AU/LV2/VST3 plugin with JACK support.
SFZero FOSSAn SFZ (and SF2) player and Juce module.
Zerberus FOSSMuseScore SFZ synthesizer.
LinuxSampler Custom
BassMIDI VSTi FreewareXXExtension to the BASS audio library, enabling the playing of MIDI files and custom event sequences, using SF2 soundfonts and/or SFZ to provide the sounds. MIDI input is also supported.
sforzando FreewareXA free, highly SFZ 2.0 compliant sample player. Supports almost all SFZ v1 and v2 opcodes, plus ARIA extensions.
TX16Wx Sampler FreewareX
Zampler FreewareXSynth-based sample player using SFZ format as its sound generator. It supports very minimal SFZ v1 opcodes, only for key-range and velocity-range mapping.
ARIA OEMXAn audio sampling and synthesis Engine based on the SFZ 1.0 / SFZ 2.0 open file formats for instrument programming and the Scala open file format to define scales and temperaments.
Bliss Sampler Commercial
Samplelord CommercialXXSample player as standalone or VSTi plugin for Windows 32-bit OS that can load different sounds in different formats. Has basic parameter controls, supports only SFZ v1 opcodes.
TAL-Sampler Commercial
Unify CommercialX
UVI Falcon CommercialX
Wusik 8008, Wusik One, Wusik EVE V5 CommercialXX

Import from SFZ #

Name LicenseLinuxmacOSWindowsDescription
Bitwig Studio CommercialSampler device supports the import of SFZ. Also via drag & drop.
Equator 2 CommercialXMPE synthesizer.
OpenMPT BSD-3-ClauseXX
Poise FreewareXXSimple 16 drum pads percussion sampler, 8 layers. Very limited SFZ support.
Renoise (Redux) Commercial

No longer available #

  • Cakewalk sfz (backup on
  • Alchemy (Camel Audio was acquired by Apple, and the current incarnation of Alchemy no longer supports SFZ.)