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Juce based SFZ player. See the project page for more info.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linus
  • macOS X
  • Windows

Supported Headers

Header Version Supported
region SFZ v1
group SFZ v1
control SFZ v2
global SFZ v2 X
curve SFZ v2 X
effect SFZ v2 X
master ARIA X
midi ARIA X

Supported Opcodes

Opcode Version Supported
script LinuxSampler X
count SFZ v1 X
delay SFZ v1 X
delay_ccN SFZ v1 X
delay_random SFZ v1 X
delay_samples SFZ v2 X
delay_samples_onccN SFZ v2 X
end SFZ v1
loop_mode SFZ v1 no_loop, one_shot, loop_continuous
loop_start SFZ v1
loop_end SFZ v1
offset SFZ v1
offset_ccN SFZ v1 X
offset_random SFZ v1 X
sample SFZ v1
sync_beats SFZ v1 X
sync_offset SFZ v1 X
delay_beats SFZ v2 X
stop_beats SFZ v2 X
direction ARIA X
loop_count ARIA X
loop_crossfade SFZ v2 X
loop_type ARIA X
md5 SFZ v2 X
reverse_loccN SFZ v2 X
reverse_hiccN SFZ v2 X
waveguide SFZ v2 X
define SFZ v2 X
default_path SFZ v2
note_offset SFZ v2 X
octave_offset SFZ v2 X
label_ccN ARIA X
set_ccN SFZ v2 X
include ARIA X
hint_ ARIA X
set_hdccN ARIA X
sostenuto_lo ARIA X
sostenuto_cc ARIA X
sustain_lo ARIA X
sustain_cc ARIA X
sw_note_offset ARIA X
sw_octave_offset ARIA X
global_label ARIA X
master_label ARIA X
group_label ARIA X
region_label ARIA X
group SFZ v1
off_by SFZ v1
off_mode SFZ v1 X
output SFZ v1 X
polyphony SFZ v2 X
note_polyphony ARIA X
note_selfmask ARIA X
rt_dead SFZ v2 X
off_curve ARIA X
off_shape ARIA X
off_time ARIA X
polyphony_group ARIA X
key SFZ v1
lokey SFZ v1
hikey SFZ v1
lovel SFZ v1
hivel SFZ v1
lochan SFZ v1 X
hichan SFZ v1 X
loccN SFZ v1 X
hiccN SFZ v1 X
lobend SFZ v1 X
hibend SFZ v1 X
sw_lokey SFZ v1 X
sw_hikey SFZ v1 X
sw_last SFZ v1 X
sw_down SFZ v1 X
sw_up SFZ v1 X
sw_previous SFZ v1 X
sw_vel SFZ v1 X
sustain_sw SFZ v2 X
sostenuto_sw SFZ v2 X
loprog SFZ v2 X
hiprog SFZ v2 X
lohdccN ARIA X
hihdccN ARIA X
sw_default ARIA X
sw_label ARIA X
sw_lolast ARIA X
sw_hilast ARIA X
varNN_curveccX ARIA X
varNN_mod ARIA X
varNN_onccX ARIA X
varNN_target ARIA X
lobpm SFZ v1 X
hibpm SFZ v1 X
lochanaft SFZ v1 X
hichanaft SFZ v1 X
lopolyaft SFZ v1 X
hipolyaft SFZ v1 X
lorand SFZ v1 X
hirand SFZ v1 X
seq_length SFZ v1 X
seq_position SFZ v1 X
lotimer SFZ v2 X
hitimer SFZ v2 X
trigger SFZ v1
on_loccN SFZ v1 X
on_hiccN SFZ v1 X
start_loccN SFZ v2 X
start_hiccN SFZ v2 X
stop_loccN SFZ v2 X
stop_hiccN SFZ v2 X
pan SFZ v1
position SFZ v1 X
volume SFZ v1
gain_ccN SFZ v1 X
volume_onccN SFZ v2 X
volume_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
volume_stepccN SFZ v2 X
volume_curveccN SFZ v2 X
width SFZ v1 X
width_onccN Cakewalk X
width_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
width_stepccN SFZ v2 X
width_curveccN SFZ v2 X
amp_keycenter SFZ v1 X
amp_keytrack SFZ v1 X
amp_veltrack SFZ v1
amp_velcurve_N SFZ v1 X
amp_random SFZ v1 X
rt_decay SFZ v1 X
xf_cccurve SFZ v1 X
xf_keycurve SFZ v1 X
xf_velcurve SFZ v1 X
xfin_loccN SFZ v1 X
xfin_hiccN SFZ v1 X
xfout_loccN SFZ v1 X
xfout_hiccN SFZ v1 X
xfin_lokey SFZ v1 X
xfin_hikey SFZ v1 X
xfout_lokey SFZ v1 X
xfout_hikey SFZ v1 X
xfin_lovel SFZ v1 X
xfin_hivel SFZ v1 X
xfout_lovel SFZ v1 X
xfout_hivel SFZ v1 X
phase ARIA X
amplitude ARIA X
amplitude_onccN ARIA X
amplitude_curveccN ARIA X
amplitude_smoothccN ARIA X
global_amplitude ARIA X
master_amplitude ARIA X
group_amplitude ARIA X
pan_law ARIA X
pan_keycenter ARIA X
pan_keytrack ARIA X
pan_veltrack ARIA X
pan_onccN SFZ v2 X
pan_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
pan_stepccN SFZ v2 X
pan_curveccN SFZ v2 X
global_volume ARIA X
master_volume ARIA X
group_volume ARIA X
eqN_bw SFZ v1 X
eqN_bwccX SFZ v1 X
eqN_freq SFZ v1 X
eqN_freqccX SFZ v1 X
eqN_vel2freq SFZ v1 X
eqN_gain SFZ v1 X
eqN_gainccX SFZ v1 X
eqN_vel2gain SFZ v1 X
cutoff SFZ v1 X
cutoff_ccN SFZ v1 X
cutoff_curveccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff_stepccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff_chanaft SFZ v1 X
cutoff_polyaft SFZ v1 X
fil_keytrack SFZ v1 X
fil_keycenter SFZ v1 X
fil_random SFZ v1 X
fil_type SFZ v1 X
fil_veltrack SFZ v1 X
resonance SFZ v1 X
resonance_onccN SFZ v2 X
resonance_curveccN SFZ v2 X
resonance_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
resonance_stepccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff2 SFZ v2 X
cutoff2_onccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff2_curveccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff2_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
cutoff2_stepccN SFZ v2 X
fil2_keycenter SFZ v2 X
fil2_keytrack SFZ v2 X
fil2_type SFZ v2 Partial
fil2_veltrack SFZ v2 X
resonance2 SFZ v2 X
resonance2_onccN SFZ v2 X
resonance2_curveccN SFZ v2 X
resonance2_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
resonance2_stepccN SFZ v2 X
bend_up SFZ v1
bend_down SFZ v1
bend_smooth ARIA X
bend_step SFZ v1 X
pitch ARIA X
pitch_onccN SFZ v2 X
pitch_curveccN SFZ v2 X
pitch_stepccN SFZ v2 X
pitch_smoothccN Cakewalk X
pitch_keycenter SFZ v1
pitch_keytrack SFZ v1
pitch_random SFZ v1 X
pitch_veltrack SFZ v1 X
transpose SFZ v1
transpose_onccN SFZ v2 X
transpose_curveccN SFZ v2 X
transpose_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
tune SFZ v1
tune_onccN SFZ v2 X
tune_curveccN SFZ v2 X
tune_smoothccN SFZ v2 X
bend_stepup SFZ v2 X
bend_stepdown SFZ v2 X
ampeg_attack SFZ v1
ampeg_attackccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2attack SFZ v1
ampeg_decay SFZ v1
ampeg_decayccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2decay SFZ v1
ampeg_delay SFZ v1
ampeg_delayccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2delay SFZ v1
ampeg_hold SFZ v1
ampeg_holdccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2hold SFZ v1
ampeg_release SFZ v1
ampeg_releaseccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2release SFZ v1
ampeg_sustain SFZ v1
ampeg_sustainccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 X
ampeg_start SFZ v1
ampeg_startccN SFZ v1 X
ampeg_attack_shape ARIA X
ampeg_decay_shape ARIA X
ampeg_decay_zero ARIA X
ampeg_release_shape ARIA X
ampeg_release_zero ARIA X
fileg_attack_shape ARIA X
fileg_decay_shape ARIA X
fileg_decay_zero ARIA X
fileg_release_shape ARIA X
fileg_release_zero ARIA X
pitcheg_attack_shape ARIA X
pitcheg_decay_shape ARIA X
pitcheg_decay_zero ARIA X
pitcheg_release_shape ARIA X
pitcheg_release_zero ARIA X
fileg_attack SFZ v1 X
fileg_attackccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2attack SFZ v1 X
fileg_decay SFZ v1 X
fileg_decayccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2decay SFZ v1 X
fileg_delay SFZ v1 X
fileg_delayccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2delay SFZ v1 X
fileg_hold SFZ v1 X
fileg_holdccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2hold SFZ v1 X
fileg_release SFZ v1 X
fileg_releaseccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2release SFZ v1 X
fileg_sustain SFZ v1 X
fileg_sustainccN SFZ v1 X
fileg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 X
fileg_start SFZ v1 X
fileg_startccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_attack SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_attackccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2attack SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_decay SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_decayccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2decay SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_delay SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_delayccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2delay SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_hold SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_holdccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2hold SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_release SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_releaseccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2release SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_sustain SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_sustainccN SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_vel2sustain SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_start SFZ v1 X
pitcheg_startccN SFZ v1 X
egN_points SFZ v2 X
egN_shape SFZ v2 X
egN_timeX SFZ v2 X
egN_levelX SFZ v2 X
egN_shapeX SFZ v2 X
egN_curveX SFZ v2 X
egN_sustain SFZ v2 X
egN_loop SFZ v2 X
egN_loop_count SFZ v2 X
egN_volume SFZ v2 X
egN_amplitude SFZ v2 X
egN_pan SFZ v2 X
egN_width SFZ v2 X
egN_width_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_pan_curve SFZ v2 X
egN_freq_lfoX SFZ v2 X
egN_depth_lfoX SFZ v2 X
egN_depthadd_lfoX SFZ v2 X
egN_pitch SFZ v2 X
egN_cutoff SFZ v2 X
egN_cutoff2 SFZ v2 X
egN_cutoff2_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_resonance SFZ v2 X
egN_resonance2 SFZ v2 X
egN_resonance2_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_eqXfreq SFZ v2 X
egN_eqXbw SFZ v2 X
egN_eqXgain SFZ v2 X
egN_decim SFZ v2 X
egN_decim_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_bitred SFZ v2 X
egN_bitred_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_rectify SFZ v2 X
egN_rectify_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_ringmod SFZ v2 X
egN_ringmod_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noiselevel SFZ v2 X
egN_noiselevel_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noisestep SFZ v2 X
egN_noisestep_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noisetone SFZ v2 X
egN_noisetone_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_driveshape SFZ v2 X
egN_driveshape_onccX SFZ v2 X
amplfo_delay SFZ v1 X
amplfo_depth SFZ v1 X
amplfo_depthccN SFZ v1 X
amplfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1 X
amplfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
amplfo_fade SFZ v1 X
amplfo_freq SFZ v1 X
amplfo_freqccN SFZ v1 X
amplfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1 X
amplfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_delay SFZ v1 X
fillfo_depth SFZ v1 X
fillfo_depthccN SFZ v1 X
fillfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_fade SFZ v1 X
fillfo_freq SFZ v1 X
fillfo_freqccN SFZ v1 X
fillfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_delay SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_depth SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_depthccN SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_fade SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_freq SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_freqccN SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
lfoN_freq SFZ v2 X
lfoN_delay SFZ v2 X
lfoN_fade SFZ v2 X
lfoN_phase SFZ v2 X
lfoN_count SFZ v2 X
lfoN_wave SFZ v2 X
lfoN_wave_onccX ARIA X
lfoN_steps SFZ v2 X
lfoN_stepX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_smooth SFZ v2 X
lfoN_smooth_onccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_volume SFZ v2 X
lfoN_amplitude SFZ v2 X
lfoN_amplitude_onccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_amplitude_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_amplitude_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_pan SFZ v2 X
lfoN_width SFZ v2 X
lfoN_width_onccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_width_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_width_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_freq_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_depth_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_depthadd_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_pitch SFZ v2 X
lfoN_cutoff SFZ v2 X
lfoN_cutoff2 SFZ v2 X
lfoN_cutoff2_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_cutoff2_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_resonance SFZ v2 X
lfoN_resonance2 SFZ v2 X
lfoN_resonance2_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_resonance2_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_eqXfreq SFZ v2 X
lfoN_eqXbw SFZ v2 X
lfoN_eqXgain SFZ v2 X
lfoN_decim SFZ v2 X
lfoN_decim_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_decim_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_drive SFZ v2 X
lfoN_drive_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_drive_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_offsetX ARIA X
lfoN_ratio ARIA X
lfoN_scale ARIA X
lfoN_wave2 ARIA X
curve_index SFZ v2 X
vN SFZ v2 X
effect1 SFZ v1 X
effect2 SFZ v1 X
param_offset ARIA X
vendor_specific ARIA X