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HISE is an open source framework for building sample based virtual instruments.

Key Features

  • A highly performant Disk-Streaming Engine that allows you to stream hundreds of samples in parallel. Powerful .xml sample-mapping and HLAC-compression-algorithm included.

  • A flexible DSP-Audio Module system that lets you combine Sound Generators, Modulators and Effects in a tree-like architecture for maximum efficiency.

  • A handy Interface Designer that makes it easy to hook up an interface with customizable UI Components and convenient Floating Tiles.

  • Connect & control the interactions with your virtual instrument via the powerful HISE Scripting Language (based upon javascript) in an IDE-like environment.

  • Build upon the HISE architecture, include external libraries and get the most out of the Engine with C++.

  • Export and Compile your HISE instruments and plugins as VSTi, AU and Standalone for all major OS platforms and DAWs.

Source: HISE Documentation

SFZ opcode support for import can be seen from source code.