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ARIA Engine

The ARIA Engine is an audio sampling and synthesis Engine, developed by Plogue Art et Technologie Inc in collaboration with Garritan Corp now part of MakeMusic, Inc.

It is fully compatible with 32bits and 64bits architectures on OS X, Windows and iOS. It can be used as a standalone application or as a VST, Audio Unit, RTAS or AAX plugin. It is based on the SFZ 1.0 / SFZ 2.0 open file formats for instrument programming and the Scala open file format to define scales and temperaments.

Source: ARIA Engine

Supported Operating Systems

  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows

Supported Headers

Header Version Supported
region SFZ v1
group SFZ v1
control SFZ v2
global SFZ v2
curve SFZ v2
effect SFZ v2
master ARIA
midi ARIA

Supported Opcodes

Opcode Version Supported
script LinuxSampler X
count SFZ v1
delay SFZ v1
delay_ccN SFZ v1
delay_random SFZ v1
delay_samples SFZ v2
delay_samples_onccN SFZ v2
end SFZ v1
loop_mode SFZ v1
loop_start SFZ v1
loop_end SFZ v1
offset SFZ v1
offset_ccN SFZ v1
offset_random SFZ v1
sample SFZ v1
sync_beats SFZ v1
sync_offset SFZ v1
delay_beats SFZ v2
stop_beats SFZ v2
direction ARIA
loop_count ARIA
loop_crossfade SFZ v2 X
loop_type ARIA
md5 SFZ v2
reverse_loccN SFZ v2 X
reverse_hiccN SFZ v2 X
waveguide SFZ v2 X
#define SFZ v2
default_path SFZ v2
note_offset SFZ v2
octave_offset SFZ v2
label_ccN ARIA
set_ccN SFZ v2
#include ARIA
hint_* ARIA
set_hdccN ARIA
sostenuto_lo ARIA
sostenuto_cc ARIA
sustain_lo ARIA
sustain_cc ARIA
sw_note_offset ARIA
sw_octave_offset ARIA
global_label ARIA
master_label ARIA
group_label ARIA
region_label ARIA
group SFZ v1
off_by SFZ v1
off_mode SFZ v1
output SFZ v1 X
polyphony SFZ v2
note_polyphony ARIA
note_selfmask ARIA
rt_dead SFZ v2
off_curve ARIA
off_shape ARIA
off_time ARIA
polyphony_group ARIA
key SFZ v1
lokey SFZ v1
hikey SFZ v1
lovel SFZ v1
hivel SFZ v1
lochan SFZ v1
hichan SFZ v1
loccN SFZ v1
hiccN SFZ v1
lobend SFZ v1
hibend SFZ v1
sw_lokey SFZ v1
sw_hikey SFZ v1
sw_last SFZ v1
sw_down SFZ v1
sw_up SFZ v1
sw_previous SFZ v1
sw_vel SFZ v1
sustain_sw SFZ v2
sostenuto_sw SFZ v2
loprog SFZ v2
hiprog SFZ v2
lohdccN ARIA
hihdccN ARIA
sw_default ARIA
sw_label ARIA
sw_lolast ARIA
sw_hilast ARIA
varNN_curveccX ARIA
varNN_mod ARIA
varNN_onccX ARIA
varNN_target ARIA
lobpm SFZ v1
hibpm SFZ v1
lochanaft SFZ v1
hichanaft SFZ v1
lopolyaft SFZ v1 X
hipolyaft SFZ v1 X
lorand SFZ v1
hirand SFZ v1
seq_length SFZ v1
seq_position SFZ v1
lotimer SFZ v2 X
hitimer SFZ v2 X
trigger SFZ v1
on_loccN SFZ v1
on_hiccN SFZ v1
start_loccN SFZ v2
start_hiccN SFZ v2
stop_loccN SFZ v2
stop_hiccN SFZ v2
pan SFZ v1
position SFZ v1
volume SFZ v1
gain_ccN SFZ v1
volume_onccN SFZ v2
volume_smoothccN SFZ v2
volume_stepccN SFZ v2
volume_curveccN SFZ v2
width SFZ v1
width_onccN Cakewalk
width_smoothccN SFZ v2
width_stepccN SFZ v2
width_curveccN SFZ v2
amp_keycenter SFZ v1
amp_keytrack SFZ v1
amp_veltrack SFZ v1
amp_velcurve_N SFZ v1
amp_random SFZ v1
rt_decay SFZ v1
xf_cccurve SFZ v1
xf_keycurve SFZ v1
xf_velcurve SFZ v1
xfin_loccN SFZ v1
xfin_hiccN SFZ v1
xfout_loccN SFZ v1
xfout_hiccN SFZ v1
xfin_lokey SFZ v1
xfin_hikey SFZ v1
xfout_lokey SFZ v1
xfout_hikey SFZ v1
xfin_lovel SFZ v1
xfin_hivel SFZ v1
xfout_lovel SFZ v1
xfout_hivel SFZ v1
phase ARIA
amplitude ARIA
amplitude_onccN ARIA
amplitude_curveccN ARIA
amplitude_smoothccN ARIA
global_amplitude ARIA
master_amplitude ARIA
group_amplitude ARIA
pan_law ARIA
pan_keycenter ARIA
pan_keytrack ARIA
pan_veltrack ARIA
pan_onccN SFZ v2
pan_smoothccN SFZ v2
pan_stepccN SFZ v2
pan_curveccN SFZ v2
global_volume ARIA
master_volume ARIA
group_volume ARIA
eqN_bw SFZ v1
eqN_bwccX SFZ v1
eqN_freq SFZ v1
eqN_freqccX SFZ v1
eqN_vel2freq SFZ v1
eqN_gain SFZ v1
eqN_gainccX SFZ v1
eqN_vel2gain SFZ v1
cutoff SFZ v1
cutoff_ccN SFZ v1
cutoff_curveccN SFZ v2
cutoff_smoothccN SFZ v2
cutoff_stepccN SFZ v2
cutoff_chanaft SFZ v1
cutoff_polyaft SFZ v1 X
fil_keytrack SFZ v1
fil_keycenter SFZ v1
fil_random SFZ v1
fil_type SFZ v1
fil_veltrack SFZ v1
resonance SFZ v1
resonance_onccN SFZ v2
resonance_curveccN SFZ v2
resonance_smoothccN SFZ v2
resonance_stepccN SFZ v2
cutoff2 SFZ v2
cutoff2_onccN SFZ v2
cutoff2_curveccN SFZ v2
cutoff2_smoothccN SFZ v2
cutoff2_stepccN SFZ v2
fil2_keycenter SFZ v2
fil2_keytrack SFZ v2
fil2_type SFZ v2 Partial
fil2_veltrack SFZ v2
resonance2 SFZ v2
resonance2_onccN SFZ v2
resonance2_curveccN SFZ v2
resonance2_smoothccN SFZ v2
resonance2_stepccN SFZ v2
bend_up SFZ v1
bend_down SFZ v1
bend_smooth ARIA
bend_step SFZ v1
pitch ARIA
pitch_onccN SFZ v2
pitch_curveccN SFZ v2
pitch_stepccN SFZ v2
pitch_smoothccN Cakewalk
pitch_keycenter SFZ v1
pitch_keytrack SFZ v1
pitch_random SFZ v1
pitch_veltrack SFZ v1
transpose SFZ v1
tune SFZ v1
tune_onccN ARIA X
tune_curveccN ARIA X
tune_smoothccN ARIA X
tune_stepccN ARIA X
bend_stepup SFZ v2
bend_stepdown SFZ v2
ampeg_attack SFZ v1
ampeg_attackccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2attack SFZ v1
ampeg_decay SFZ v1
ampeg_decayccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2decay SFZ v1
ampeg_delay SFZ v1
ampeg_delayccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2delay SFZ v1
ampeg_hold SFZ v1
ampeg_holdccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2hold SFZ v1
ampeg_release SFZ v1
ampeg_releaseccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2release SFZ v1
ampeg_sustain SFZ v1
ampeg_sustainccN SFZ v1
ampeg_vel2sustain SFZ v1
ampeg_start SFZ v1
ampeg_startccN SFZ v1
ampeg_attack_shape ARIA
ampeg_decay_shape ARIA
ampeg_decay_zero ARIA
ampeg_release_shape ARIA
ampeg_release_zero ARIA
fileg_attack_shape ARIA
fileg_decay_shape ARIA
fileg_decay_zero ARIA
fileg_release_shape ARIA
fileg_release_zero ARIA
pitcheg_attack_shape ARIA
pitcheg_decay_shape ARIA
pitcheg_decay_zero ARIA
pitcheg_release_shape ARIA
pitcheg_release_zero ARIA
fileg_attack SFZ v1
fileg_vel2attack SFZ v1
fileg_decay SFZ v1
fileg_vel2decay SFZ v1
fileg_delay SFZ v1
fileg_vel2delay SFZ v1
fileg_hold SFZ v1
fileg_vel2hold SFZ v1
fileg_release SFZ v1
fileg_vel2release SFZ v1
fileg_sustain SFZ v1
fileg_vel2sustain SFZ v1
fileg_start SFZ v1
pitcheg_attack SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2attack SFZ v1
pitcheg_decay SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2decay SFZ v1
pitcheg_delay SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2delay SFZ v1
pitcheg_hold SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2hold SFZ v1
pitcheg_release SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2release SFZ v1
pitcheg_sustain SFZ v1
pitcheg_vel2sustain SFZ v1
pitcheg_start SFZ v1
egN_points SFZ v2
egN_timeX SFZ v2
egN_levelX SFZ v2
egN_shapeX SFZ v2
egN_curveX SFZ v2
egN_sustain SFZ v2
egN_loop SFZ v2
egN_loop_count SFZ v2
egN_volume SFZ v2
egN_amplitude SFZ v2
egN_pan SFZ v2
egN_width SFZ v2
egN_width_onccX SFZ v2
egN_pan_curve SFZ v2
egN_freq_lfoX SFZ v2
egN_depth_lfoX SFZ v2
egN_depthadd_lfoX SFZ v2
egN_pitch SFZ v2
egN_cutoff SFZ v2
egN_cutoff2 SFZ v2
egN_cutoff2_onccX SFZ v2
egN_resonance SFZ v2
egN_resonance2 SFZ v2
egN_resonance2_onccX SFZ v2
egN_eqXfreq SFZ v2
egN_eqXbw SFZ v2
egN_eqXgain SFZ v2
egN_decim SFZ v2 X
egN_decim_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_bitred SFZ v2 X
egN_bitred_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_rectify SFZ v2 X
egN_rectify_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_ringmod SFZ v2 X
egN_ringmod_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noiselevel SFZ v2 X
egN_noiselevel_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noisestep SFZ v2 X
egN_noisestep_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_noisetone SFZ v2 X
egN_noisetone_onccX SFZ v2 X
egN_driveshape SFZ v2 X
egN_driveshape_onccX SFZ v2 X
amplfo_delay SFZ v1
amplfo_depth SFZ v1
amplfo_depthccN SFZ v1
amplfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1
amplfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
amplfo_fade SFZ v1
amplfo_freq SFZ v1
amplfo_freqccN SFZ v1
amplfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1
amplfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_delay SFZ v1
fillfo_depth SFZ v1
fillfo_depthccN SFZ v1
fillfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1
fillfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
fillfo_fade SFZ v1
fillfo_freq SFZ v1
fillfo_freqccN SFZ v1
fillfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1
fillfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_delay SFZ v1
pitchlfo_depth SFZ v1
pitchlfo_depthccN SFZ v1
pitchlfo_depthchanaft SFZ v1
pitchlfo_depthpolyaft SFZ v1 X
pitchlfo_fade SFZ v1
pitchlfo_freq SFZ v1
pitchlfo_freqccN SFZ v1
pitchlfo_freqchanaft SFZ v1
pitchlfo_freqpolyaft SFZ v1 X
lfoN_freq SFZ v2
lfoN_delay SFZ v2
lfoN_fade SFZ v2
lfoN_phase SFZ v2
lfoN_count SFZ v2
lfoN_wave SFZ v2
lfoN_wave_onccX ARIA
lfoN_steps SFZ v2
lfoN_stepX SFZ v2
lfoN_smooth SFZ v2
lfoN_smooth_onccX SFZ v2
lfoN_volume SFZ v2
lfoN_amplitude SFZ v2
lfoN_amplitude_onccX SFZ v2
lfoN_amplitude_smoothccX SFZ v2
lfoN_amplitude_stepccX SFZ v2
lfoN_pan SFZ v2
lfoN_width SFZ v2
lfoN_width_onccX SFZ v2
lfoN_width_smoothccX SFZ v2
lfoN_width_stepccX SFZ v2
lfoN_freq_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_depth_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_depthadd_lfoX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_pitch SFZ v2
lfoN_cutoff SFZ v2
lfoN_cutoff2 SFZ v2
lfoN_cutoff2_smoothccX SFZ v2
lfoN_cutoff2_stepccX SFZ v2
lfoN_resonance SFZ v2
lfoN_resonance2 SFZ v2
lfoN_resonance2_smoothccX SFZ v2
lfoN_resonance2_stepccX SFZ v2
lfoN_eqXfreq SFZ v2
lfoN_eqXbw SFZ v2
lfoN_eqXgain SFZ v2
lfoN_decim SFZ v2 X
lfoN_decim_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_decim_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_bitred_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noiselevel_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisestep_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone_smoothccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_noisetone_stepccX SFZ v2 X
lfoN_drive SFZ v2
lfoN_drive_smoothccX SFZ v2
lfoN_drive_stepccX SFZ v2
lfoN_offsetX ARIA
lfoN_ratio ARIA
lfoN_scale ARIA
lfoN_wave2 ARIA
curve_index SFZ v2
vN SFZ v2
effect1 SFZ v1 X
effect2 SFZ v1 X
param_offset ARIA
vendor_specific ARIA