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lokey / hikey

lokey and hikey determine the low and high boundaries of a certain region. They are used to set the range of notes which are used to play the region. When a region only covers one note, it is generally more convenient to use key instead of hikey and lokey. When hikey and lokey are used, they will usually need to be used together with pitch_keycenter.

<region> sample=*sine lokey=c5 hikey=c6

As with the key opcode, the values can also be MIDI note numbers:

<region> sample=*sine lokey=72 hikey=84

When an instrument is sampled every minor third, this kind of usage will be common:

<region> sample=a4.wav  lokey=68 hikey=70 pitch_keycenter=69
<region> sample=c5.wav  lokey=71 hikey=73 pitch_keycenter=72
<region> sample=eb5.wav lokey=74 hikey=76 pitch_keycenter=75
Type Default Range
integer lokey=0 0 to 127
  hikey=127 C-1 to G9